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Free Technical Information Pack

Download our information pack which contains information detailing how Automist® uses a high-pressure pump to provide whole-room fire protection and data from the extensive testing by BRE Global. The instructions detail how Automist can be retrofitted without major disruption. We also provide a link to download information on Automist's LABC Registered Detail (EW171).

The Automist sprinkler alternative technical Information pack includes:

  • General information - Automist flyer and Automist PPS flyer

  • Automist technical guide - Automist technical guide

  • Meeting building regs - Using Automist in refurbishments

  • Instruction manual & installation guide - Automist instructions

  • Automist Declaration - Declaration of testing and conformity

  • Access to Automist's LABC Registered detail certification (EW171)

Free Download
Automist technical download

Automist® is covered by an LABC Registered Detail (EW171) for use in open plan layouts in loft converted houses. The Registered Details scheme allows building control officers to approve a project without a long and detailed investigation. This page provides additional technical information for those that seek an understand of the principles and testing that underlie Automist.

A fire suppression device like Automist aims to control and suppress fires, significantly reducing the risk of injury, life loss and property damage by maintaining tenable conditions for as long as possible while occupants evacuate. This is achieved in several ways:

  • Reduction of room temperature in the region of the fire. Water mist devices achieve this by consuming much of the fire’s energy in converting water to steam.

  • Reduction of smoke and toxic gases. Water mist devices achieve this by the production of copious amounts of inert steam in the immediate vicinity of the fire, locally excluding oxygen, reducing temperatures and thus slowing the oxidation reactions of the fire.

  • Flashover prevention. By constraining room temperatures to around 100°C or less, flashover (the rapid ignition of combustible items in the room) is prevented.

  • Providing cooling to structural elements of the home that are in the spray path, allowing them to resist the fire for longer.

Automist® may often provide a more reliable safety measure than the traditional measure of fire doors, which Approved Document B now allows not to be equipped with closers.